Herman Cain: Disregard Trump Housing Discrimination Because ‘50 Years Ago A Lot Of People Were Racist, Black And White’

In a speech to the Western Conservative Conference this weekend, businessman and former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain blamed liberals and the media for trying to distract from the real issues of Donald Trump’s presidency by talking about “Russia, Russia, Russia,” “bimbo, bimbo, bimbo,” and Trump’s history of housing discrimination as a landlord in New York at a time when “a lot of people were racist, black and white.”

“All for the last 14 months, we’ve been hearing ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ and there’s no there there,” Cain said, “‘collusion, collusion, collusion,’ and there’s no there there. Now they want to switch the subject to ‘bimbo, bimbo, bimbo from the past.’ That’s how they attacked me.”

He then brought up a poll that showed that a majority of Americans believe the president is racist.

“And one of the incidents that they cited to conclude that he was a racist is that 50 years ago he wouldn’t allow blacks in his buildings in New York,” Cain said. “Fifty years ago a lot of people were racist, black and white! But they didn’t tell you that.”

Cain took a page from Trump’s book and cited the president’s more inclusive record of admissions at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“We’re not talking about 50 years ago,” Cain said. “If you want to talk about 50 years ago, I’ve got a lot of stuff I could be pissed off about.”