Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal Boosts Readers’ Homophobia

Image from tweet promoting Daily Signal article on DC's Pride Parade.

Earlier this month, the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal posted a ridiculous article purporting to be an exposé of DC’s gay pride parade, complete with an editor’s warning that its content might offend some readers, in case the author’s similar warning was not enough.  Among the shocking things witnessed by the reporter were animosity toward the Trump administration and “unquestionable acceptance for the gay lifestyle.” Today the Daily Signal published a selection of responses from their readers.

Among the gems that the Daily Signal’s senior editor chose to highlight for readers:

  • “Just the concept of a ‘gay pride parade’ suggests there is nothing about homosexuality to be proud of. Pictures from the parade make it clear just how degenerate this corner of American culture has become, with no societal restraints permitted.”
  • “So sad. Delusional fascination with such little wisdom or concern for nature. The evolutionary cul-de-sac continues.”
  • “One only has to attend a gay pride parade to see just how sick and perverted the LGBT community is. Just look at them. They don’t even care what they do in front of children. The Bible tells us that it’s a choice, and what we are seeing proves that point. No city or country has embraced homosexuality or sexual perversion and survived. Scientists and historians all know that Sodom and Gomorrah were real places, destroyed by extreme heat. You can mock God if you wish, but God will not be mocked.”