Heritage Complains That Not Enough Of Its Hand-Picked Judicial Nominees Are Getting Confirmed

The Heritage Foundation sent a fundraising email on Tuesday complaining that while Heritage is working hard to hand-pick President Trump’s judicial nominees, those nominees aren’t being confirmed at an acceptable pace because of the Republican “establishment.”

In reality, the Senate has confirmed more of President Trump’s circuit court nominees than it had at this point in President Obama’s first term in office.

Heritage’s Ed Feulner wrote:

Since January, Heritage experts have been working diligently to vet potential nominees to fill over a hundred vacant judicial positions in courts all over the country.

President Trump is looking to Heritage to lead the effort to recommend constitutional conservatives who will uphold the rule of law and respect our founding principles. And we have risen to the task.

Since his inauguration, we’ve helped President Trump nominate more judges in his first year than any other President has in decades.

And here’s what’s shockingonly a handful of these nominees have been confirmed.

The Establishment is stalling on confirming Trump’s judicial nominees.

For months, courts across America have been stuck with empty seats because corrupt liberal politicians are demanding political favors before they approve Trump’s nominations.

The email links to a donation page claiming that “Heritage and Heritage Action are teaming up to launch an unprecedented effort to save the Judicial Branch”:

It’s time for crony politics to end, and it’s time to drain the swamp of corrupt politicians. Heritage and Heritage Action are teaming up to launch an unprecedented effort to save the Judicial Branch.

To accomplish this goal, Heritage Foundation experts will continue to work overtime to provide candidates for the vacancies left to fill, while Heritage Action activists apply unprecedented, strategic political pressure to Republicans who stand in the way of securing the future of America’s courts.

This summer, Heritage made a similar complaint, saying that it had done its job by picking Trump’s judicial nominees but the Senate wasn’t doing its job to confirm them.