Heads McDonnell Wins, Tails Gays Lose

Last month, VA Gov. Bob McDonnell made news when he rolled back anti-discrimination protections for gay state workers, doing so on the grounds that such protections for “sexual orientation” had never been passed by the state legislature.

Now McDonnell is saying that he probably wouldn’t even sign such a bill if one were passed by the state legislature because he doesn’t think it is needed

Based on numbers he’s seen, Gov. Bob McDonnell said today he’s not sure the state needs a law protecting people against bias based on sexual orientation.

Asked on his monthly radio appearance on WRVA if he would sign such a bill, the governor said, “I don’t know that we need it based on the numbers that I’ve seen.“

“There really isn’t any rampant discrimination on any basis in Virginia,“ he said. “If you’re going to have a law, it needs to actually address a real problem.“

Of course, the very point is that “the numbers” could now potentially skyrocket, thanks specifically to McDonnell, who has made it easier to engage in “rampant discrimination” against gays in Virginia.

And so even if the state legislature then passes a bill to remedy it, McDonnell says he probably won’t sign it because he doesn’t think it is necessary.