Harvey Warns Of Gays Rights Activism, “This Is How Fascists Behave”

Earlier this week Mission America’s Linda Harvey said that parents should refuse to let gay and lesbian doctors or nurses treat their children, and today she is coming out strongly in defense of a New Jersey teacher who called homosexuality “a perverted spirit” that “breeds like cancer.” Harvey, who has said that gays and lesbians should be banned from teaching, is livid that groups like Garden State Equality have protested the teacher, Viki Knox.

Harvey said on her radio show today:

Harvey: Friends this is a full-on harassment and bullying campaign over essentially nothing except a person’s private opinion. The publicity is meant to send a big signal, it’s meant to make people really hesitant in objecting to homosexuality and offending the homosexual cause. It’s meant to intimidate people into being respectful of one thing: their power. These are underhanded tactics totally contrary to American freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, but this is how fascists behave.