Harvey Sides With Radical Islamists On Homosexuality, Calling It “A Disgrace To Our Nation”

Mission America’s Linda Harvey is siding with a radical Muslim group in Pakistan who is protesting an LGBT-pride event hosted by the US Embassy in Pakistan. According to the AP, an extreme Islamist political party led a protest with signs declaring “Death to America” and “Americans, we will not allow you to spread your vulgar and ugly civilisation in Pakistan,” with one speaker saying gays and lesbians “should be immediately deported out of Pakistan.” Harvey says she is “on the same side” as the protesters, criticizing the State Department for claiming that LGBT rights are human rights and accused the embassy of celebrating a “deviant lifestyle, something that should be a disgrace to our nation.” Later in her radio show, Harvey chides Secretary Hillary Clinton’s “radically liberal social views” and for inviting Lady Gaga to a concert in Italy, dubbing the State Department an “agent for Lady Gaga.”

Recently there was a rare instance where outspoken Muslims and I were on the same side of an issue. In Pakistan as part of Gay Pride month, US State Department employees, those at the embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, held a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride event. Can you imagine? The utter foolishness here is beyond belief. But they got what could’ve been predicted as a reaction, outrage from the local Muslim community. Of course, one is left to wonder if this wasn’t the goal: rebellion and more of the perpetual in-your-face antics of homosexual activism all to stand up for this deviant lifestyle, something that should be a disgrace to our nation.

In a brief statement on the State Department website they justified their actions; they said it was to demonstrate support for “human rights, including LGBT rights in Pakistan at a time when those rights are increasingly under attack from extremists elements throughout Pakistani society.” Well, homosexuality is not a human right, folks. God has already told us about this behavior and it’s always a sin.