Harvey: “Evil Bloggers” Are After Me!

Here at Right Wing Watch we have been tracking right-wing activist and radio show host Linda Harvey of Mission America, who without fail attacks gays and lesbians in irate, crude, virulent and bizarre outbursts. In fact, she denies that gays and lesbians even exist.

Yesterday on her radio show, Harvey had on as her guest Laurie Higgins of the ultraconservative Illinois Family Institute. Higgins and Harvey agreed that homosexuality is in fact a choice, and that “homosexual activists” are dishonestly covering up that fact. Harvey went on to chastise “evil bloggers” for highlighting her statements, which she says is all part of a plot to lie about the science on homosexuality:

Higgins: Homosexual activists are deceptive in terms of concealing information. They know full well that Queer Theory, which emerges from the homosexual community, says homosexuality is not fixed, it’s not hereditary, and it’s mutable, and it’s flexible, particularly among women. So not only can they not marshal in the evidence to prove the ‘born that way’ theory there’s a lot of at least anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s not fixed and it’s not immutable and certainly there’s no genetic or biological research proving that they are ‘born that way.’ So they’re not even honest about that, they know what I’ve just said. The problem is, the mainstream public doesn’t know.

Harvey: Well and the mainstream, homosexual person on the internet who believes these evil bloggers, they are evil, these people are evil and they are purposefully deceptive. I get my comments edited all the time. These folks will believe a smidgen here and a smidgen there and think, ‘oh it’s been settled,’ it hasn’t been settled, check it out! That science is not at all settled and in fact there’s tons of evidence that people are not born that way.