Harvey Denies Anti-Gay Bullying, Warns Of “Destructive” Gay Activists

During her Saturday radio show, Linda Harvey of Mission America called on parents to rise up and “stop homosexuality in our schools.” Harvey warned that “homosexual activism” in public schools is endangering the health of children:

Homosexual activism is very, very destructive. It is creating—while taking in the moral high ground or trying to and saying it’s all about rights and so on—no, they’re undermining sanity, morality, security for our kids. They are undermining of course religious liberty for believers.

Reflecting the Religious Right’s adamant opposition to anti-bullying programs, Harvey described anti-bullying initiatives as a “Trojan Horse” for gay-rights advocates who do not use the efforts to “deal with bullying.” Harvey denied that there is widespread bullying problem, mocking “sympathetic” kids and saying that the real tragedy is that there are kids who identify with the LGBT community:

Big, big issue out there now is bullying. The homosexual activists are using this as a wedge to not deal with bullying, because it can be dealt without dealing with homosexuality at all, you don’t have to embrace homosexuality and cross-dressing to end bullying even if the people involved, the victims of the bullying, are identifying or sadly and tragically—at this point in their lives, maybe they’ll change—involved in those lifestyles or drawn to that. No you don’t have to deal with this issue at all, you just deal with insults, punish insults. If there’s physical assault you deal with that in the appropriate way.

No, what’s happening more and more is that that’s being used as a Trojan Horse to bring in all aspects of retraining everybody’s thinking to accept homosexuality in the schools. You got to watch out for that because it’s very slick, plays on people’s sympathies, our kids are all over this, ‘oh so sympathetic’ you know. There is not an epidemic of bullying for homosexual kids, there is simply not, that’s going unpunished. There is plenty of bullying incidents are getting punished every day around the country. The hard facts are simply not there.