Harry Jackson’s Corporate Shilling Hits A New Low

When he is not fighting marriage equality, Harry Jackson has been busying shilling for energy interests, first through an effort called “Stop the War on the Poor” and, more recently, though something called Affordable Power Alliance, both of which are dedicated to fighting any effort institute environmental regulations as an attack on the poor.

Until today, I had never even heard of the “Black Cross Alliance,” but apparently it is a group which has been placing black crosses at different spots all over the country in order to “raise awareness of the death toll and the environmental and economic ruin caused by coal mining and coal-burning power plants.”

Which, to Jackson, makes them just like the Ku Klux Klan:

These people have displayed a negative symbol of a black cross around the nation, including our national capitol. In some ways they remind me of the cross burnings of the South. Cross burners sought to uphold their own twisted brand of justice, while abusing the rights of thousands of blacks. The same group of people who were victimized by the KKK are the victims in the energy debates of our day – poor blacks. The Black Cross Alliance shackles people’s hopes and living standards. They make it harder for people to heat and cool their homes, pay their rent and mortgage, afford a car or medical treatment.

The issue is the radical green community’s insistence on raising the cost of energy for everyone in order to force conservation. Further, they ignore the economic war that radical environmentalists are waging on the finances of the poorest of the poor in our culture by dramatically raising their energy costs. In fact, this is tantamount to levying a regressive tax on the poor.

Anti-coal campaigns equate to many people in America and other countries going without lights or refrigeration. The abundant, dependable, affordable energy of coal or natural gas power generation can bring relief to the world’s poorest countries, communities and families. For them the Black Cross movement equals a real black death.