Hagee Explains the Financial Crisis

John Hagee may still be recovering from his recent heart surgery, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t also find time to explain that our current financial crisis was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible.  Via the Dallas Morning News’s Religion Blog:

In response to the growing financial and global economic downturn, Strang Book Group announced the release of Financial Armageddon, written by New York Times best-selling author John Hagee.

Releasing on November 11, 2008, under Strang’s current event/political imprint, FrontLine Books, Financial Armageddon was written in less than three weeks in light of the recent banking crash.

Drawing from detailed inside information from sources around the world and combined with his knowledge of Bible prophecy and End Times theology, Hagee gives readers a provocative view of the events taking place today, many of which were spelled out in stunning detail by prophetic writings penned more than two thousand years ago.