Gun Activists: ‘Dispatch’ Politicians With ‘Metal Jackets’

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America has repeatedly extolled the virtues of politicians having a “healthy fear” of being shot because such fears are a way to make sure that they “behave” and support gun rights.

In yet another appearance alongside extremist right-wing commentator Stan Solomon on October 28, Pratt credited court rulings striking down Washington, D.C., gun laws for a drop in homicides in the city while deriding proponents of such laws as “criminals’ friends” who “hate self-defense.”

Solomon, however, said that politicians who support gun restrictions “really are the criminals, forget the friend,” and the two agreed [then] that “thugs in government” are worse than violent criminals.

“It’s hard to get rid of these politicians,” Pratt said, to which Solomon responded by suggesting that politicians who support gun laws should be shot, telling Pratt, “that’s why we need to have guns, you know what, more than one politician has been dispatched while doing a dance trying to avoid certain, shall we say, metal jackets.”

Pratt replied: “May their number increase.”