Gov. Candidate Wants ‘Intelligent Design’ Creationism in Michigan Schools

Dick DeVos, the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, expressed his support for adding “Intelligent Design” (ID) creationism to public school science curricula in the state:

DeVos said exposing students to the concept of intelligent design — viewed by most scientists as a nonscientific, religion-based belief — would help them analyze competing theories. …

In the AP interview, during which DeVos discussed a range of education issues, he was also quoted as saying, “I would like to see the ideas of intelligent design — that many scientists are now suggesting is a very viable alternative theory — that that theory and others that would be considered credible would expose our students to more ideas, not less.”

The electoral value of such a position is dubious – last year, voters in Dover, Pennsylvania ousted school board members who added ID to science class, and a similar vote took place in Kansas this summer. However, DeVos has shown an independent commitment to advancing the Right Wing agenda for public education – using his family fortune to fund the school voucher movement.

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