The Traditional Values Coalition weighs in on the Mark Foley scandal and predictably blames the Democrats and the media for the whole thing.  Relying in part on WorldNetDaily, which is never a good idea, TVC claims that Democrats sat on the story until it would do the most damage and blames the media for failing to thoroughly investigate allegations regarding Foley’s sexuality.

After fruitlessly blaming everyone but the GOP, TVC gets back to its real agenda: demonizing gays

Liberal Republicans constantly talk about the Republican Party being a “big tent open to everybody.”

As radical homosexuals have been welcomed into “the big tent,” it has become a less welcoming place for religious conservatives and a dark and dangerous place for children.

Today Republicans need to take a long and hard look at what they have done by welcoming homosexuals into the GOP. Republicans need to make a simple choice between the innocent children and radical homosexuals who prey on them.

Washington insiders are reacting to this whole Foley scandal as though they are surprised by what the end results of what homosexual behavior can produce.

THIS IS NO SURPRISE. Predatory behavior is one of the end results of homosexuality. Plain and simple.

At one point, Lou Sheldon tries to put forth a slightly more practical reason for the GOP to get all the gays out of the party:  their presence is scarring children for life

 “We hope and pray that the Republican leadership will truly recognize that when it comes to homosexuality, political correctness fails—and it fails children, too. The Republican Party needs to gain the high moral ground so that children will feel welcome to become Republicans when they are young adults.”

If one had to guess, it is probably safe to assume that the barely-tolerated presence of gays in the party has less of an impact on whether or not young adults become Republicans than does the GOP’s embrace of hatemongers like Sheldon and his ilk.