GOP Spokesman Accuses Dems of Orchestrating ‘Rampant Voter Fraud’

Responding to a report on voter intimidation and suppression by the National Voting Rights Institute/Demos, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee told the right-wing Cybercast News Service that it was “preposterous” and accused Democrats of orchestrating widespread voter fraud:

“Democrats and the left-wing groups with whom they coordinate wrote the guide on voter fraud,” [Ed] Petru told Cybercast News Service.

He accused Democrats of “shenanigans” with provisional ballots in 2004 and “rampant voter fraud.”

“Voter fraud is coordinated, systemic and pervasive among Democrats and their allies,” Petru said. “They’ve been doing this for so long now. It has reached clinical interests – a science and a profession for Democrats.

“They can’t understand why their outrageous agenda keeps being rejected by voters, so they are continually invoking conspiracy theories to explain it,” Petru said. “It’s routine – voter fraud among Democrats in elections.”

A preliminary report from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission found scant evidence of voter fraud – in contrast to the very real persistence of voter suppression, as documented by People For the American Way Foundation’s report, “The New Face of Jim Crow.” If you encounter problems voting tomorrow, call the Election Protection voter assistance hotline, 1-866-OUR-VOTE.