GOP Congressional Candidate Jerone Davison Says the Antichrist Is ‘Being Birthed and Manifested Through the Democrat Party’

Republican congressional candidate Jerone Davison appeared on radical right-wing broadcaster Pete Santilli’s show Friday, where he declared that he is running for office because the Antichrist is “being birthed and manifested through the Democrat Party.”

Davison’s campaign to represent Arizona’s 4th Congressional District in Congress is being managed by Austin Steinbart, a QAnon conspiracy theorist who claims to be from the future, and has already made waves with an ad featuring Davison, who is Black, fending off a mob of hooded Ku Klux Clan members with an assault rifle.

During his appearance on “The Pete Santilli Show,” Davison said that he decided to run for Congress because just like Jesus was “a political figure” who fought evil, he feels obligated to fight the “evil [that has] has manifested itself through the Democrat Party.”

“The Bible is completely involved in politics,” Davison said. “You have King David who was involved in politics. Daniel the Prophet was more of a governor than he was a prophet. He was more of a governor. He was a political figure. Nehemiah, the one rebuilding and restructuring the wall in a broken down Israel, was being a very political figure in his time.”

“Jesus Christ the Messiah—who is going to come back on this Earth for 1,000 years and [will] reign on this Earth 1,000 year—is a political figure; ‘And the government shall be on his shoulders,’ according to Isaiah 9,” Davison continued. “The Antichrist is also a political figure, and he’s also making his move in this Last Day. I see it being birthed and manifested through the Democrat Party.”

“I see a spiritual battle brewing in this country,” Davison added. “Evil has manifested itself through the Democrat Party. I see them as a criminal cartel. I see them as sex traffickers, human traffickers, supporters of all types of evil. They are drug dealers, weapons dealers, and they need to be stopped.”