God’s Business and the Dangerous Spirit of Volunteerism

Yesterday we posted audio of David Barton claiming that the Bible, specifically Matthew 20’s famous “Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard” taught that employers had no obligation to be “fair” to their employees.

This same idea was also promoted by Jay Richards in his book “Money, Greed, and God” and the tenets of Biblical economics are also now being embraced by James Robison (co-author of a new book with Richards,) which explains why Robison’s program today featured an interview with Buddy Pilgrim, a Biblical business consultant who “teaches Biblical principles of leadership, business management and financial success applicable to every Christian in the workplace.”

During the program, Pilgrim proclaimed that business is God’s system and complained that  wealth and profit are being demonized while warning that a “dangerous” spirit of volunteerism (i.e. collectivism) was taking hold in America today: