GOD TV and Randall Terry Plead For Donations

Earlier this week we noted that GOD TV was desperately seeking donations in order to keep itself on the air, needing to raise more than a million dollars by the end of the week and $4 million by the end of the month.

It doesn’t look like things are going very well, as they have sent out another email urgently asking for money:

We can’t stress enough how critical the next few days are for the future of GOD TV and the plans God has laid out for this ministry to continue reaching the nations with the truth.

Many precious viewers have given so generously over the past few days, but we are not yet in the clear and must recover our budget shortfall of $4 million by our May 31 deadline!

As a network funded primarily through voluntary donations, the global financial crisis has hit GOD TV hard. We are asking you our faithful viewer to stand with us financially, and in prayer for a financial miracle, so that we can keep GOD TV reaching more than 160 million families worldwide.

Likewise, Randall Terry has sent out a similarly desperate plea for donations, even though having to do so in embarrassing and will only give fodder to those who mock him:

The rent payments for our office and the “St. George Barracks” must be paid; the materials we produce must be paid for; the utilities and phone bills must be paid for; the press releases that we send out — helping to keep child killing in the news — must be paid for.

We are on the frontlines in Washington DC, and as the secular press and media will show you, we are fighting our hearts out to save babies from murder, and to create the social tension necessary to help expedite the end of legalized child killing in America.

But frontline soldiers still need a supply line.

Right now, we need about $30,000 just to get current. In the grand scheme of what various ministries and pro-life organizations take in economically, $30,000 is not a lot of money. But for us it is.

This $30,000 is to pay printing bills (we produce a lot of material), press release bills (we get a lot of press), to reimburse travel costs, and other normal expenses.

I would ask you to step back and to consider how much this tiny band of warriors has accomplished in the last year – with minimal resources – beginning with our efforts at Notre Dame to expose and confront Obama and Notre Dame’s treachery.

If we could raise $5,000 in the next few days, we could pay some pressing, overdue bills.

Right now, we have less than $250 in the bank. We have no savings account, no credit cards, no hidden resources that we can use. We go from hand to mouth… from God’s hand and your hand… to the immediate need and pressing battles we face.

Let me finish by giving a word of defiance to our adversaries and critics.

One of the reasons I hate being this honest is because a few people will mock us; a few others – “pro-lifers!” – will be happy that we are in difficulty. We embarrass them by our tenacity and our tactics; and we make them look bad because of our small successes.

But please note, I did NOT say; “We will close our doors without your help!!!”

I DID NOT say: “We cannot continue our life saving work without your help!!!” Or, “We have huge plans – plans that could change the world – and I cannot launch them without you!!!”

That type of hype and charades disgusts me.

I testify before God and men and angels:

We will stay in this fight, regardless of our resources.

We will struggle along; we will not quit;

We will not shrink back from battle during times of want.

We will fight on.