God Is Still Using Trump to Usher In New ‘Kingdom Era,’ Says Elijah List ‘Prophet’ Veronika West

Veronika West of Ignite Ireland Ministry (Photo from Veronika West's Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook page)

The “prophetic” Elijah List newsletter promoted a post Monday by “prophet” Veronika West recounting a very complex “dream/vision encounter” that she says revealed “that God has not yet finished with His anointed vessel, President Donald John Trump.” Elijah List publisher Steve Shultz assured readers that the dream “most assuredly came from the Lord.”

According to West, the dream involved a stairway to Heaven made up of living multicolored stones on which the word “TRUMP” appeared in gold, “in ascending order, starting from the bottom of the stairway—touching the nations—to the highest of heights in heavenly places.” As West tells it, each letter of Trump’s name appeared with a corresponding word: Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy, and Peace.

The dream involved visions of a rotting oak tree, a healing rainbow-colored whirlwind emerging from a door in the tree, a great eagle, a snake-devouring owl, the roar of a lion, the face of a lamb, and a “snow white dove” appearing “within the fiery orange winds of the mighty whirlwind,” West said.

In her interpretation of the dream, West wrote that she believes “it speaks to what God is now building and establishing in and through His Ekklesia”—a term used by Pentecostal dominionists to refer to the church as an assembly with governing authority on Earth.

“I believe TRUMP speaks of the man and the new Kingdom Reformation movement being birthed in the earth!” West wrote. She claimed that God is “doing a work of radical change and transformation within the vessel, the man whom He has anointed for this new Kingdom era.” West explained:

God has given Trump a heavenly mandate to tear-down and uproot, build and plant. President Trump is certainly God’s trumpet for this new era, and God will continue to use His vessel mightily in the days ahead. Whether people like it or not, God is not done with President Trump.

The Spirit of God says, “Watch what will come forth from a time in exile!”

I also believe that seeing T.R.U.M.P. written on the rainbow stairway of living stones speaks to a Kingdom legacy of peace, mercy, unity and righteousness being built and established on the foundation of His truth, through His Ekklesia.

This will accelerate and advance His Kingdom purposes coming to pass in the nations of the earth, for now the spirit and power of Elijah is coming upon His Church as a mighty whirlwind to cleanse, to cut off, to prune and purify…from the roots to the fruits!

I can boldly declare that the world is yet to see God bring President Trump into the fullness of his destiny!

Furthermore, what I was shown in this dream will also reveal that God not only anointed Donald Trump to be president, but that He would use the man and the name of the man—TRUMP—as a powerful prophetic sign to the world and to the Church of what is now beginning to take place and what will continue to unfold over the next decade.

Pentecostal “prophets” have been among Trump’s most ardent religious-right supporters; many prophesied incorrectly that he would be reelected for a second term with God’s anointing.

The Elijah List’s Facebook page has more than 395,000 followers; Schultz says that his daily newsletter has more than 240,000 subscribers. According to Elijah List, West leads Ignite Ireland Ministry.