God Is Angry and Will Put an End to Impeachment, Says Bethel Pastor

Kris Vallotton, senior associate leader of Bethel Church and co-founder of its School of Supernatural Ministry (Image from Bethel TV)

Kris Vallotton, a leader ​of the influential megachurch Bethel, preached on Dec​. 8 that God is preparing to intervene in the impeachment process and warned against resisting God’s plans for Trump to serve a second term.

“The Lord is going to step in sovereignly,” Vallotton said about the impeachment process. “He’s going to bring it to a close. It’s going to be ugly. But it’s going to be the Lord.”  He added that God told him in advance that Trump would become president​ and that God will give Trump a second term because “the Lord wants it.”

“The Lord gave me a prophetic word for President Trump,” Vallotton said, reading text from the biblical book of Isaiah that included this passage: “No weapon that’s formed against you will prosper​, and every tongue that accuses you in judgment will be condemned.”

Vallotton told the congregation that they don’t have to like or understand what God is doing—just as he didn’t necessarily like or understand what God was doing when he gave President Barack Obama two terms. But, Vallotton said, we are living in a moment when God has taken world events out of the hands of humans and their free will​ and is asserting his sovereignty. In those times, Vallotton said, God comes as a “captain​,” and “your job is to follow.”

Vallotton said that sometimes God gets angry​. “You don’t want to be the one resisting a movement” at such a time, he warned listeners. He cited biblical passages of people who resisted God at such times and dropped dead.

Why is God angry? “Six weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night​, and I saw the mutilation of children being transgendered, and the Lord said to me, the iniquity of the Amorites is complete,” Valloton said. (This is a reference to the biblical story of God foretelling that the descendants of Abraham would be enslaved for 400 years before God would have them return to the land of Canaan and bring judgment on the wicked Amorites.)

Vallotton said he spent the night crying because he knew that meant that God is shifting the way he is dealing with the Earth. “God’s saying, ‘The church can no longer embrace wickedness,’” said Vallotton. He said there is a big difference between embracing sinners and “normalizing sin,” adding, “And God says, ‘That stops.’”

Bethel and its founder Bill Johnson play an influential role in the branch of Christianity that believes God is giving modern-day prophets and apostles the same kind of powers that the Bible describes God giving the apostles. Bethel’s reach is extended through its music label and School of Supernatural Ministry. Johnson’s son Brian, who heads Bethel Music, and his wife Jenn were among the pastors and worship leaders who recently prayed over Trump in the Oval Office​. Bethel worship leader and congressional candidate Sean Feucht also took part. “I don’t think that the timing of their entrance into the White House was a chance,” said Vallotton. “I think it was all orchestrated.”

Over the past several days, Bethel Music and Feucht have been helping lead a call for prayer that God would resurrect Olive, the 2-year-old daughter of another Bethel musician, Kalley Heiligenthal. Olive reportedly stopped breathing in her sleep early on Dec​.14 and, according to Heiligenthal, was pronounced dead by doctors. Heiligenthal put out a call in Instagram urging people to pray that God would bring Olive back to life. Bethel Music and Feucht are among those who have been promoting the call, which has spread online with the hashtag #wakeupolive.

Musician Devin Coogan, one of the many people who have joined the prayer effort, explained that Olive’s resurrection would have an impact far beyond her own family as a demonstration of God’s power. “Even beyond her priceless restoration to her household, our Church needs this,” he said in an Instagram post. “The Church in America needs to witness this EVIDENTIAL & ACTIVE RESURRECTION POWER. It did not die off or move to Africa only—it’s with Christ, and it’s our time. This will not be the last of one of our children needing a resurrection break-thru, and we believe this will set off a chain-reaction of the miraculous, abroad.”