‘God Does Miracles’: Pat Robertson Celebrates His ‘Shield of Protection’ Against Hurricane Florence

Today on “The 700 Club,” televangelist Pat Robertson continued to credit his prayers with changing the path of Hurricane Florence away from his properties in Virginia and toward states farther south.

As we noted the other day, Robertson gathered with staff at his Christian Broadcasting Network earlier this week to establish a “shield of protection” over his properties and order Florence to turn back out to sea so as not to cause any damage to his CBN or Regent University facilities. The storm did not follow Robertson’s command, but the fact that its projected path shifted so that it was likely to make landfall somewhere in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia was nonetheless evidence to Robertson that God had answered his prayers.

Now, while millions residents in these states are facing the possibility of a massive storm surge, several feet of rain, and untold damage, Robertson’s properties appear to have been spared, which he said is proof that “God does miracles.”

“We asked the Lord to take it out of here and he did,” Robertson crowed. “It’s like a shield that God has put around us.”

“God’s people prayed,” he added. “This is a miracle, ladies and gentlemen.”

“We’ve had a hand of protection over this area,” Robertson said, “and when we pray, God does miracles.”