Global Warming = The Second Coming?

ABC News recently ran a story on the declaration issued by the Southern Baptist Convention voicing concerns about climate change. The ABC piece noted that not everyone agreed with the SBC’s views, citing the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins suggesting that the environmental movement was pushing anti-family policies and suggesting that believers should welcome the consequences of climate change as a sign of the End Times:

Perkins: A major component of Global Warming is to reduce population because people are seen as part of the problem. And, of course, population control includes abortion. It also includes same-sex relations because they do not cause offspring.

ABC: In a new book, Tony Perkins even argues that if the storms and droughts predicted by climate scientists do come about, Christians should see them as a sign of the Second Coming.

Perkins: Where people are told and taught to look inwardly and making sure that they are spiritually prepared to meet the End Times.

Via Brave New Films