Global Religious Right Gathering: ‘How Far Can We Get?’

From poster promoting the Political Network for Values's Transatlantic Summit

The Political Network for Values, which brings social conservative activists together with like-minded lawmakers from around the world, is holding a “Transatlantic Summit” in Brussels this week. The promotional poster lists issues including marriage, family, life, and religious freedom and asks, “How far can we get?” The event is another sign of the globalization of the Religious Right’s anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ activism.

Among the U.S. participants is the Family Research Council’s Travis Weber, who said in a press release that “it’s important that pro-family, pro-freedom policy makers and human rights advocates from around the world work together in order to better accomplish societal transformation everywhere.”

“I look forward to contributing to this discussion by highlighting what Family Research Council is doing to advance our values in the United States,” said Weber, “where we are working with the new Trump administration and our allies.”

Other American activists taking part include Sharon Slater of Family Watch International, which is hosting a “Policy makers workshop.” Slater has been heavily involved in the Religious Right’s work abroad, particularly by defending laws that criminalize homosexuality. Sophia Kuby and Lorcan Price from the Alliance Defending Freedom’s European arm will take part in a Friday morning session chaired by Brian Brown on “Global challenges and opportunities in International Organizations.”

Sponsoring organizations include the International Organization for the Family and the National Organization for Marriage, both led by Brown, and CitizenGo, an international online mobilization platform on whose board Brown sits.