Gingrich Says His Infidelity Was Due To The Fact He Was Working So Hard To Save America

CBN’s David Brody went to Iowa to cover the Iowa Faith and Freedom event earlier this week and, while there, sat down for a short interview with Newt Gingrich, who explained that reason he carried on an affair while he was still married – not once, but twice – was because he was working too hard because he just loved America so much … but now God has forgiven him

“There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate. And what I can tell you is that when I did things that were wrong, I wasn’t trapped in situation ethics, I was doing things that were wrong, and yet, I was doing them. I found that I felt compelled to seek God’s forgiveness. Not God’s understanding, but God’s forgiveness. I do believe in a forgiving God. And I think most people, deep down in their hearts hope there’s a forgiving God. Somebody once said that when we’re young, we seek justice, but as we get older, we seek mercy. There’s something to that, I think. I feel that I’m now 67 I’m a grandfather. I have two wonderful grandchildren. I have two wonderful daughters and two great sons in law. Callista and I have a great marriage. I think that I’ve learned an immense amount. And I do feel, in that sense, that God has given me, has blessed me with an opportunity as a person. Forget about all this political stuff. As a person, I’ve had the opportunity to have a wonderful life, to find myself now, truly enjoying the depths of my life in ways that I never dreamed it was possible to have a life that was that nice.”

Ummm … so Gingrich wouldn’t be working “far too hard” if he was President of the United States?  But how they is he going to stop the Muslims and Atheists who are out to destory this great nation?

“In a sense, our Judeo-Christian civilization is under attack from two fronts. On one front, you have a secular, atheist, elitism. And on the other front, you have radical Islamists. And both groups would like to eliminate our civilization if they could. For different reasons, but with equal Passion.”