Gingrich Claims To Have Never Heard of Seven Mountains Dominionism

Last week we noticed that Newt Gingrich seemed to have the support of a lot of people who endorse the dominionist Seven Mountains theology.

Gingrich has been prayed over by Lou Engle, who supports it, and has promised David Barton, who also supports it, that he’d play a key role in his presidential campaign, and he personally chose Jim Garlow to run his Renewing American Leadership organization, who also supports the theology and even made it the centerpiece of his Pray and ACT electoral effort last year.

Yet despite all of this, Gingrich claims that he has never even of it:

Several of Gingrich’s high-profile associates, including pastors Jim Garlow and Lou Engle and historical revisionist David Barton, espouse “Seven Mountains” theology (—) a belief that government, business, media, education and other “spheres of influence” are dominated by Satan’s minions, and that Christians are obligated to seize control of all areas to herald the second coming of Jesus.

Gingrich says he doesn’t have any knowledge of the idea.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about it, and I can’t comment on it because I’ve never heard of it before,” he said. “Neither Garlow nor Barton nor anybody else has ever mentioned it to me.”

Really, maybe Gingrich ought to ask Garlow about it because he openly endorses it:

And, as we have pointed out on more than one occasion, the goal of Seven Mountains Dominionism is to create a “virtual theocracy” so that Christians can “present the nations of the world to the Lord” and bring about the return of Christ.