Geller In “Bizarroworld” Over The Call: Detroit

Pamela Geller continues to take pride in her ignorance in her blog post on The Call: Detroit. While interfaith leaders are protesting Lou Engle’s prayer rally, which starts tonight at Ford Field, the anti-Muslim activist seems to have no knowledge of Engle’s vicious anti-Muslim views at all.

Geller said:

Once again Hamas-tied CAIR is victimizing non-Muslims, calling a Christian prayer event in Michigan a threat to Muslims. As if Christians would attack Muslims ……. and while praying, no less. There is a psychological term for that. It is called projection.

Hamas-tied CAIR is warning mosques in Dearborn to “step up security” in advance of a Christian prayer summit. Only in bizarroworld, where the majority of mosque incidents are committed by Muslims.

Even though there have been multiple attacks and planned attacks on mosques in America, Geller says Muslims are living in “bizarroworld.”

While Geller lashes out at Muslims, remember that Engle and other organizers of The Call, who believe that Muslims are under the control of demons and should not have First Amendment rights or houses of worship in America:

Geller likes to refer to herself as a “human rights activist,” but is standing shoulder to shoulder with Engle, who is not only an anti-Muslim hatemonger but also brought his The Call rally to Uganda to demonize gays and rally support for legislation that would criminalize homosexuality and give homosexuals the death penalty in some cases. Clearly, Geller doesn’t have a problem with people who promote draconian, oppressive laws as long as they aren’t Muslim.