Gathering of Eagles Prays for Ex-Gays to ‘Blitz’ the Media and Defeat the ‘Homosexual Agenda’

Jeff Wright of the National Prayer Embassy joined Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, Pierre Bynum of the Family Research Council, Dutch Sheets and Harry Jackson at Tuesday’s “Gathering of Eagles” prayer rally, where he called for the Religious Right to push back against the “homosexual agenda” and for the media to give a greater voice to “ex-gays.” Wright claimed that opponents of marriage equality face a media “blackout” and condemned churches, such as St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C., for supporting equal rights for gays and lesbians.

He said that God used “the Bachmann campaign, the testimony of her husband,” to bring the ex-gay issue to light (Marcus Bachmann’s clinic practiced discredited reparative therapy) and while leading the audience to pray in tongues, Wright called God have the ex-gay movement “blitz” the media in order “to get promotion and favor in the media of all kinds so that our culture can catch the vision.”

At the event, Jacobs also prophesied that God would send a blizzard to reverse the Obama administration’s LGBT rights initiative and Jackson led the church in spiritual warfare against the Queen of Heaven, which he said was the demonic force behind the push for marriage equality “perversion” in Maryland. 


Now Senator Brownback at a prayer meeting a few years said ‘we’re winning the pro-life war but we’re losing the pro-traditional marriage war’ because there’s been those mountains that own the culture and media, there’s been a blackout of the pro-traditional marriage view and a blitz of the homosexual-promotion. So lately, in fact I spent a year going to church with President Bush down here at St. John’s, the President’s church, and one week we got a newsletter from the Bishop saying it would be a sin for us not to ordain homosexuals, it would be a sin for us not to perform homosexual weddings because we would be abandoning our homosexual brethren. That showed me how to pray, that’s the road to hell paved with good intentions. I believe that people, like Jesus said, those who are pushing the homosexual agenda are doing the work of God, and I believe that the people who are promoting the homosexual agenda believe they are doing what God wants them to do to be nice to homosexuals and to help them in their pain, it’s the best they know. They have no revelation that God can change people by His power.

That’s why—what’s God’s done through the Bachmann campaign, the testimony of her husband, has been so powerful and answered our prayer. Lately, I’ve been praying that God will help, and this will be at the primary, center of the Hollywood prayer tour this year next month, that God will help the ex-homosexuals who have been delivered by the power of God to get promotion and favor in the media of all kinds so that our culture can catch the vision, that people can change lives.

I want you to pray with me now: Father we just thank You tonight, we receive agreement Lord, for that blackout of the media to be broken just like it was 30 years ago on the pro-life issue, and for it to be replaced with a sudden reversal, a blitz come forward from other creative ideas Ted Baehr’s friends, those in Hollywood, movie, TV, New York. Father, we thank you that your saving, your witnessing, I sense that are out there right now, we just give out our faith to there’s right now, those ex-homosexuals who have been delivered by the power of Jesus Christ, that need that platform of promotion through the media to let their people catch the vision so that multitudes can go free.

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