Gary Bauer Tries To Defend Perry With Compilation Video Of Stammering Obama

Last week, Gov. Rick Perry made presidential debate history and national news when he struggled for nearly a minute to list the names of the three federal agencies that he would immediately eliminate if elected president before eventually admitting that he couldn’t remember the third one and giving up.

Today, Gary Bauer’s Campaign For Working Families has come rushing to Perrys’ defense with a video called “53 Seconds That Should End A Presidency” that features various clips of President Obama hesitating, stumbling over his words, and misspeaking … as if that is somehow even remotely the same thing:

Frankly, you’d think that Bauer, of all people, would be particularly disinclined to mock public gaffes in this manner given that the highlight of his own presidential campaign was when he fell off the stage while trying to flip a pancake: