Gary Bauer Decries ‘Deep State,’ ‘Basic Injustice’ of Mueller Investigation

Gary Bauer speaking at the 2017 Road to Majority conference (Image from C-SPAN coverage)

Religious Right activist Gary Bauer used his “End of Day” email newsletter on Wednesday to “call out the basic injustice of the entire Mueller operation” and to promote the popular right-wing theory that President Trump is the victim of agents of the “deep state.”

Under a section sarcastically titled “Mueller the Merciful,” Bauer said that he was “pleased” that Mueller has recommended that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn serve no jail time because of the “substantial assistance” Flynn has given the investigation. But, he added, “let’s not forget that ‘Mueller the Merciful’ once threatened Flynn’s son and his entire family with financial ruin unless he pleaded guilty to perjury regarding a perfectly legal phone conversation between himself and the Russian ambassador to the United States.”

Bauer insisted that there is “no evidence” that Mueller’s ongoing investigations are “zeroing in on the president and key people around him.” And he complained that Mueller is not investigating why “so many Deep State agents” were “probing the Trump campaign and who authorized it?” Added Bauer, “This may well be a scandal that makes Watergate look like child’s play.”

Bauer acknowledged that Mueller has brought charges against Russians for election meddling and against people “connected to Donald Trump’s campaign,” but he says they are “process crimes”—apparently Bauer’s term for lying to investigators—or charges related to personal finances and business dealings “that date back to well before the Trump campaign.”