Gagnon Warns That Same-Sex Relationships Are Doomed To Failure

Robert Gagnon has become a leading voice against gay rights and churches that affirm people regardless of their sexual orientation. He even spoke at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s “Truth Academy” last year along with far-right activists Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Robert Knight, Cliff Kincaid, Greg Quinlan, Ryan Sorba and Rena Lindevaldsen. As Timothy Kincaid writes, “Look in the footnotes of any homophobic rant and you’ll find that their anti-gay interpretation of Scripture was likely provided by Dr. Gagnon.”

Yesterday, Gagnon appeared on The Janet Mefferd Show, where he claimed that same-sex relationships are doomed to failure because two men, without a feminine counterpoint to their hyper-sexuality, will become promiscuous, adulterous and contract sexually transmitted infections. In addition, Gagnon claimed that two women cannot have a stable relationship and will develop mental illnesses because they don’t have a man in their lives to check their needy, demanding personalities.


Male and female together combined provide us a facet of who God is, a more holistic way than only one sex involved, so when sexual activity is engaged in we see a fuller range of who God is, it helps to balance out the two sexes. One of the reasons that we see such a high incidence of measurable harm in male homosexual and female homosexual unions is we don’t have in those unions the balancing influence of the other sex. So in the case of male homosexual unions, you have a higher incidence of sexually transmitted infections, much lower rate of monogamy, because basically what you have is male sexuality ratcheted up without a taming influence of a woman in the process. Whereas for female homosexual relationships you see a higher incidence of mental illness issues and lower longevity of the relationship generally, I think because women place more value in terms of their self-worth, their identity, their security in a relationship of this sort. And when two women put the same high demands on each other, without the balancing of a masculine influence, again it leads to shorter terms unions on average and higher mental health issues that are involved.