Fresh From White House, MyPillow Guy Retweets Post Connecting Company to QAnon

Mike Lindell (Photo: Jared Holt)

QAnon social media personalities who claim to have insights into covert government operations because they’ve read riddles on anonymous imageboards​ have put forward new proof that their bizarre conspiracy theories are true. Coincidentally, that piece of proof can also save you $120 on a new set of pillows.

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a major Republican political donor, appeared at a White House coronavirus press briefing Monday and captured the attention of QAnon personalities. At the briefing, President Donald Trump introduced Lindell as a “friend” of his. Lindell​, who was there to explain how his company was creating face masks to help battle the spread of the coronavirus, went off-script ​in his remarks to the press to say that Trump was “chosen by God” to lead America and that people should read the Bible while they’re at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next day, conspiracy theorist Jordan Sather shared a post on Twitter reporting that entering the letter “Q” as a discount code on the MyPillow web store reduced the price of a four-pack of pillows by $120. “Didn’t POTUS just bring the MyPillow CEO to the White House, too? What a coincidence,” Sather wrote.

Right Wing Watch found two additional single-letter codes that register identical discounts on the MyPillow website: “K” and “W.” When someone replied to Sather’s tweet to share that “W” also rendered the same discount, Sather responded, “Extra letter for plausible deniability or false alarm?” Sather’s tweet was shared around the QAnon community online, getting additional boosts from ​such personalities ​as “Joe M” and ​right-wing commentator Brenden Dilley.

Right Wing Watch emailed a press representative for MyPillow ​Tuesday to ask whether the Q discount code was an intentional homage to the QAnon conspiracy theory, but we did not receive a response. On Wednesday, Lindell retweeted Sather’s post connecting the discount code with QAnon.

Speaking of​ his company’s website, Lindell said that he believes it is being attacked by demons. Appearing Tuesday on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” Lindell asked listeners to pray​ for his company.

“My website, we’ve never had this happen. It keeps breaking, things keep happening, and it’s just—I just think it’s the devil. I mean, it’s evil attacking MyPillow because it knows we’re winning,” Lindell said. “We’re winning. We’re bringing God back to the country.”