‘Free The Delegates’ Leader Kendal Unruh Has Been Raised Up By God To Stop Trump From Destroying The GOP

Gordon Klingenschmitt dedicated two recent episodes of his “Pray In Jesus Name” program to interviewing Kendal Unruh, a longtime Religious Right activist who is now leading a “Free The Delegates” effort aimed at changing the rules at the upcoming Republican National Convention in hopes of preventing Donald Trump from receiving the nomination. 

When Klingenschmitt, a Colorado GOP lawmaker, noted that such a move would likely alienate the millions of voters who supported Trump during the Republican primaries, Unruh asserted that Republicans actually didn’t vote for Trump and that he only won because Democrats crossed over to vote for him as a “Trojan horse” that would destroy the GOP and that she has been raised up by God to stop this from happening.

Those who voted from Trump, Unruh declared, “are not in the Republican Party. There’s 3.3 million Republicans that voted for Donald Trump, he got 14 million votes; the rest of those were Democrats and independents that came in and flooded open primaries and blanket primaries. The Democrats and independents took advantage of same-day voter laws and they gave us a Trojan horse candidate.”

Convention delegates are “obligated to be the firewall to tyranny” and resist “mob rule,” she stated, which is why convention rules must be changed in order to deny Trump the nomination before he can ruin the GOP’s “godly, conservative, pro-life, pro-family heritage.”

“We’re not destroying the party,” she insisted. “We’re actually saving the party.”

“Trust God for the outcome of this,” Unruh declared. “I believe that God put me in this position to be here for such a time as this.”