Frederick Douglass Republicans: Because God Doesn’t Want Blacks Voting Democrat

If you are are Black and a Christian and have always supported Democrats, what do you do when God tells you that he is angry with your voting patterns? 

If you are Keith Carl Smith, you start a movement to spread the word and you call it the “Frederick Douglass Republicans” because you can’t use words like “conservative” and “Republican” as they are synonymous with “racist” … and then you get profiled on “The 700 Club”:

“I’m not a black conservative. I am a Frederick Douglass Republican,” Ret. U.S. Army officer Keith Carl Smith said.

Smith described himself as a political agitator. He said he knew three things about himself his entire life — he was black, a Christian, and a Democrat. However, one night he decided to change the way he voted.

“God spoke to me that night and said, ‘Keith, I want a public relationship with you, not a private affair,'” Smith told CBN News. “I said, ‘Lord, what do you mean?'”

“He said, ‘I’m not pleased with the way you’re voting. The way you’re voting is inconsistent with your Christian worship,'” he said.

Smith started identifying himself as a Frederick Douglass Republican and started a movement in his home state of Alabama. He believes in individual responsibility, limited government, respects life and the U.S. Constitution.

“The federal government today is the modern day slave master because it is so large and powerful it is the most immediate threat to our God-given rights,” he explained.

In some black communities, Smith said the word “conservative” or “Republican” is synonymous with “racist.” But if you invoke the name of a well-respected black family member like Frederick Douglass, he explained that you can trump the race card.

“It takes race off the table and you can get to the issues. That’s what our enemies and our opponents don’t want. They don’t want us to get to the issues because conservatives will win the argument of ideas. We have the best ideas,” he said.