FRC’s Latest Prayer Target: Values Voters, Islam, and the UN

I will admit that I am utterly fascinated by the Family Research Council’s “Prayer Team” and how it merges its political agenda with specific prayer recommendations.

The latest installment, in addition to asking participants to pray that God will grace the Values Voter Summit and use attendees to make a difference in the election, also seeks prayer to fight off the administration’s embrace of Islam: 

May God continue to expose Obama’s favoritism toward Islam and disfavor toward Biblical Christianity! May Christians arise to resist this religious invasion through prayer and by communicating truth!

But most interesting is the fact that FRC takes issue with the Obama administration for submitting a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council that covered both what the administration considered America’s success and failures in the human rights arena. 

Of course, recognizing, or even perceiving, any sort of failure in anything America does is a monumental outrage:

May Americans learn of this egregious act to diminish American power and prestige, exalt the U.N. over us, and aggrandize the liberal Obama agenda. May voters grill candidates for office, and elect pro-American candidates this fall!

As I noted a few months ago, it is remarkable how FRC slowly seems to be transitioning from a political group with a religious agenda to a religious group with a political agenda.