FRC’s GOTVideos

Over at their iVoteValues website, the Family Research Council has posted a series of videos on the hot-button social and election issues that drive their agenda like gay marriage, abortion, and the courts.

For instance, in this video Tony Perkins explains that “based on the evidence, everything changes when same-sex marriage becomes legal” and then cites Massachusetts as proof that gay marriage “effects every family and every child, including yours.”

Elsewhere, Perkins discusses the importance of the Supreme Court, saying that “we need more conservative judges on every court in the land” and urging people to “elect those that share your values because how the Supreme Court looks after the makeover depends a lot on how we vote this November.”

FRC also cleverly implores us to “Be Straight on 8.” 

The videos, coupled with their recent Values Voter Summit and the announcement that they are launching their own PAC, makes it pretty clear that FRC is doing all they can to rally their base heading into November.