FRC: DeMint So Right In Wanting Gays Banned From Classroom We Don’t Even Have To Defend Him

When Sen. Jim DeMint made news earlier this week for saying that immoral people like gays or unmarried pregnant women should be banned from being teachers, it was no surprise to see someone like Bryan Fischer come running to his defense.

And even though the Family Research Council shares DeMint’s agenda, the organization usually tries to project a more “moderate” image than one that calls for gays to be banned from the classroom … which is why it is a little surprising to see Tom McClusky, FRC’s Vice President for Government Affairs, saying he was all ready to come to DeMint’s defense before realizing that DeMint is so right and just so awesome that he doesn’t even have to bother: 

You know I was going to write a piece defending Senator Jim DeMint (R-eal conservative) over some heat he has been getting over comments on marriage and morality. Then I looked at the short list of the people complaining about him, including at least one group that claim to be conservative but whose agenda is anything but. I ultimately came to the conclusion the strongest conservative in the Senate doesn’t need defense from a schlep like me against a small bunch of small minded people who think government is the answer to force and enforce a twisted view of marriage and who believe it is okay if taxpayer dollars are used to pay for abortions.

Personally, I’m honored to have the chance to work with a pro-life, pro-national defense, pro-family, pro-fiscal responsibility Senator and his staff and I am proud of everything he has done representing the great state of South Carolina and a well rounded conservative philosophy in the U.S. Senate.