Frank Gaffney: The United States Needs A Legal Mechanism For Deporting Muslims

Frank Gaffney also spoke at the 2017 Voters Value Summit. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Frank Gaffney, the founder of the anti-Muslim group Center for Security Policy, told Breitbart radio listeners today that he believed the United States government needs to surveil Muslim places of worship and create a legal mechanism for deporting Muslims.

Breitbart editor-in-chief and radio host Alex Marlow began the segment by asking Gaffney what can be done about so-called “chain migration,” which Media Matters pointed out yesterday is a new line of attack that is being used by the right to discredit family-based immigration policies that replaced national-origins quotas that prioritized European immigrants. Marlow asked Gaffney what the United States can do “about people who are already here who shouldn’t be here” and called current immigration policies an “offensive way to run a country” that makes a lot of people “fearful.”

“Whether people have been admitted to this country through, as I say, legal means—they’ve been allowed to come in and they’re on a student visa, they’re on a business visa, they’re on some other legal status, and then just decide to stay, or whether they’re people that have come here illegally over the border. There are people who are DACA people. There are people who are fully legal. We’ve invited them in and we’ve given them green cards either as refugees or as immigrants. If they’ve embraced this program, or if they came in having already embraced it from their native lands—of Sharia I’m talking about again—it is a serious challenge. And I think the first thing you have to do, where they are not legal, you have to subject them to deportation,” Gaffney said. “Full stop. That has to be one of the options that the government has.”

Gaffney went on to elaborate that he believed that the government should spy on mosques and Muslim communities and deport them if they exhibit what Gaffney calls “Sharia supremacism.”

“I think the other piece of this is that where they’re congregating,” Gaffney said, referring to Muslim people, “in places like mosques that embrace this tradition in Islam—and by the way, the authorities of the faith say Sharia is authoritative Islam.” Gaffney said he believed many mosques were “incubators for more of this Sharia supremacist business.”

He went on to say, “That has to be a function of, at the minimum, surveillance by the United States government and I think probably there has to be new legal authorities put into place to have them removed if we can.”