Four Boxes

The 200 activists gathered in San Antonio, Texas to protest the conviction of two Border Patrol agents involved in a shooting and cover-up fell short of the 1,000 expected, but the rally – with organizers including anti-immigrant groups American Freedom Riders, U.S. Border Watch, and Minuteman Civil Defense Corps – still had its sparks. The San Antonio Express-News reports:

David Marlett of Dallas climbed into the back of a white pickup and told the crowd that there are “four kinds of boxes — the soap box, the jury box, the ballot box and the cartridge box.” “We have seen a misuse of the jury box,” he said. “We’re going to use the ballot box to get rid of you. But don’t test our use of the last box.”

With a small group of immigrant rights supporters posted across the street, much of the two-hour rally was tense and fraught with racial undertones.

“We as American patriots won’t step aside and allow that flag to be any color other than red, white and blue,” said Curtis Collier, president of U.S. Border Watch.