Focus On The Family Seeks to Protect Colorado From Dangerous “Men in Dresses”

With Senate Bill 200 on its way to the desk of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, right-wing groups in the state have gone into battle mode to get him to veto the legislation, claiming that it will somehow protect sexual predators by forcing everyone to share the same bathroom.

Equal Rights Colorado explains that SB 200:

[W]ill expand language prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, including transgender status, in housing practices, public accommodation, eligibility for jury service, availability of family planning services, as well as many other areas. This is a chance to update the current laws in order to have consistency and predictability in the way Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws are applied. It will also add sex, marital status, disability, age, national origin, ancestry and religion as needed.”

That sounds like a good thing … unless, of course, you are Focus on the Family, in which case you choose to interpret the legislation in a far more ludicrous fashion and then run this radio ad in the state:


If the Colorado legislature has its way…

“A man in a dress came into the girl’s restroom at school today.”

We could all be dealing with a new type of predator.

“Honey, there was a man in the women’s showers at the gym today, and the management said it was, it was Colorado law.”

And instead of our kids worrying about class work, they’ll be worrying about who might be in the restroom with them.

“No way I’m going in there (school bell), I’d rather wait all day if a guy’s in there.”

Our children must be protected from predators, but if Governor Ritter won’t veto Senate Bill 200, all public restrooms, including those in our public schools, will be open to anyone of any sex.

Colorado’s Democrat-controlled legislature has already passed this bill, but Governor Ritter still has time to veto it. Call him now and ask him to protect our kids and veto SB 200. Call 303-866-2471. 303-866-2471.