Focus on the Family Is Quite Pleased With Itself

Since we first wrote about Focus on the Family’s dystopian “Letter from 2012” a little over a week ago, it has generated a lot of publicity for FOF, most of it negative.  

For instance, it was mentioned in an AFP article on pre-election “dirty tricks,” listed by the New York Times as among the “season’s slimiest political messages,” been featured in a CNN report in which FOF was referred to as “religious extremists,” and generated a demand for an apology from Jim Wallis.

But just in case you thought that Focus might have been in any way embarrassed by the outrage they sparked, think again because it seems as if they are pretty proud of it and, more importantly, their supporters seem to have loved it:

The letter has been viewed more than 215,000 times, and CitizenLink has received about 1,500 e-mails. Most CitizenLink readers found it insightful, and many told us they had forwarded the letter to their friends.

“The letter has started a dialogue, and that was what we hoped when we published it,” said Gary Schneeberger, vice president of media and public relations at Focus Action. “The intent was to motivate voters to think seriously about how they cast their ballots — by providing an informed, researched look at what the implications of this election could be.

“We hope and pray the scenarios discussed in the letter never come to pass, but it is certainly not outside the realm of possibility that many of them could.”

Here’s what some of our folks are saying:

“I hope it wakes some people up!”
— Martha

“You’ve done a good job painting a clear picture of an Obama administration. Sure makes one pause for thought.”
— Jeff

“Thank you for printing the Obama letter. We have printed several copies for distribution. It gave me a broader perspective and more to ‘discuss’ with Obama supporters.”
— Debb

“It made me realize how very important it is that I vote! As I read further, an overwhelming peace came over me because I know God is in control … so I will not fear.”
— Lindsy

“I thought it was amazing. It is very scary to think about what could really happen with complete liberal control over all of the government. I sent it to everyone I know.”
— David

“I only hope and pray on Election Day, people will listen to what the Holy Spirit tells them to do.”
— Kevin