Flashback: Florida Family Association Decries Family Guy’s “Gross Perversion”

As we’ve previously reported All-American Muslim is far from the first show that was in the crosshairs of the Florida Family Association, in fact, just two years ago the FFA went after advertisers on Family Guy:

Family Guy, a Fox network cartoon which airs on Sunday evenings, has turned to denouncing God, mocking the Born Again Experience and embracing perversion to “entertain” viewers.

The March 29th episode of Family Guy denounced God’s existence, mocked the born again experience and embraced perversity. The March 8th episode condoned bestiality, gay orgies and gross perversion. A more detailed description of the content of both episodes is provided at floridafamily.org because the content is too disgusting to print.

Florida Family Association launched an email campaign on March 31st that asked supporters to send emails to the following Family Guy advertisers: Sprint-Nextel (Boost Mobile), Unilever (Axe), Brinker International (Chili’s Grill), KIA (Spectra), Yum Brands (Taco Bell), Volkswagen, Ford (Southern Ford Dealers), Amscot and Pepsi (Mountain Dew.)

The group has also attacked Modern Family, Dancing With the Stars, and Degrassi for positively portraying the LGBT community.

WorldNetDaily reported that the American Family Association joined the FFA’s efforts to protest Family Guy over the show’s flatulence:

“We have prepared an e-mail for you to conveniently send by the press of one button that will encourage the CEOs and VPs of all of these companies to stop supporting Family Guy with their advertising dollars,” the family group said.

The organization said the March 29 episode further featured the character Stewie trying to beam the “Star Trek” cast into his home. But failing, the character instead beams “four semi nude dominatrixes with their all nude and bound male prey into [the home].”

Stewie also “pulls his pants down and passes gas into the air hose of his father’s diving apparatus,” the group said.

“This should be disturbing to a lot of American families,” said AFA spokesman Randy Sharp.

“It’s beyond me how a network finds humor in the deviancy of human nature,” he continued. “The writers of this program, you really have to question who are these people who come up with this and call it entertainment.”

The group has also attacked Modern Family, Dancing With the Stars and Degrassi for positively portraying the LGBT community.