Fischer Questions CPAC’s Patriotism Over GOProud

Bryan Fischer has a very simple formula: if you don’t support “religion” or “morality” as he defines it, then you are unpatriotic.  That is why Planned Parentood and the ACLU are “unpatriotic and un-American” … and now so is CPAC for allowing GOProud to participate:

Because CPAC has continued its association with GOProud again this year, AFA has once again chosen not to participate. The reason we are not participating is simple: homosexuality is not a conservative value. Period.

Conservatism, of course, is a three-legged stool of strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, and pro-family values. CPAC, by including GOProud, is systematically sawing off the third leg of the stool. The conservative movement, and America along with it, will collapse without third leg being strong and sturdy … There is nothing conservative about homosexuality or the homosexual agenda, not one single solitary thing.

By giving GOProud a seat at the table, CPAC is lending its name to the endorsement of behavior that is enormously destructive to the people who engage in it, and giving stature to an organization dedicated to destroying the institution of natural marriage. Shame on CPAC for abandoning classic conservatism for something trendy and dangerous.

George Washington said that ‘religion and morality are indispensable supports’ of ‘political prosperity.’ GOProud is laboring to subvert both of these ‘great pillars of human happiness,’ as Washington called them, and CPAC is helping them do it. (Both pillars are being undermined, since the moral issues under discussion here are rooted in religion.) The AFA will resolutely take its stand with the father of our country on this one.

In fact, Washington said that no man could “claim the tribute of Patriotism” who would work to undermine these necessary pillars. I’ll stand with George Washington on that one too. I have absolutely no qualms about questioning the patriotism of CPAC and GOProud. GOProud’s agenda is bad for CPAC and, much worse, bad for America.