Fischer: President Obama Hates America and White People

Yesterday, Bryan Fischer weighed in on the utterly ridiculous “controversy” over the rapper Common’s appearance at the White House for a poetry event.  But, of course, Fischer didn’t think the controversy was absurd at all … in fact, it was just further proof that President Obama hates America and white people:

And by the way, he [Common] was part of Reverend [Jeremiah] Wright’s church. I mean, he’s cut from the same bolt of cloth as Barack Obama. Where did he get all of this racist hatred, this racist resentment? Where did he get that? This distaste for America, for American values? Well, he got it from his preacher, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Remember that Jesus said every disciple, every pupil, when he is fully trained, will be like his master. That is why President Barack Obama nurtures this hatred for the United States of America and, I believe, nurtures a hatred for the white man. Where did he get that? He got that from Jeremiah Wright.