Fischer: President Herman Cain Will End Racism In America

As we have noted before, Bryan Fischer may be a lot of things, but self-aware is not one of them.

On his radio program yesterday, Fischer came to Herman Cain’s defense while discussing the contentious interview Cain had with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell last week as Fischer lashed out at the “pathetic arrogance of a privileged white guy” telling someone they are not black enough before going on to declare that only a Herman Cain presidency can end racism in America:

I mean, the pathetic arrogance of a white guy, a privileged white guy, sitting there accusing someone else for not being black enough.

Now you talk about a guy who would be a post-racial president, Herman Cain is it. Now everybody said Barack Obama gonna be a post-racial president, gonna be a whole new dawn, the era of racism is over and racial tension is far worse under Barack Obama than it was before.

The only chance that it will get better is you have somebody like Herman Cain in the White House.

This would be the same “privileged white guy” who asserted earlier this year that Barack Obama was not “authentically black”: