Fischer: Our Commander-In-Chief Must Be A Christian

Earlier this year, Bryan Fischer explained that our nation’s military must be filled with “men of Christian faith” so that when it comes time to formulate battle plans, “their minds are going to be quickened by the Holy Spirit of God” and they will develop plans that will lead to victory.

Fischer returned to the topic on his program yesterday and reiterated his point about just how important it is that our military be run by Christians, stating that if we have a Muslim or a Mormon in the White House in Commander In Chief, it means we are “spiritually weak as a nation [and] we are going to go down”:

So what the Scriptures are anxious to say [is] it’s far more important that we be spiritually strong as a nation than that we be militarily strong. It’s not enough to be militarily strong. If we are militarily strong but are spiritually weak as a nation, we are going to go down.

And that’s why it’s critical, I believe, to have a Commander-In-Chief who is a Christian-In-Chief first and then is our Commander-In-Chief. Absolutely critical that we have a man who is Commander-In-Chief who sits in the Oval Office who has a personal relationship with the God of the Bible – not the God of the Book of Mormon, not the God of the Quran, but the God of the Old and New Testaments.