Fischer: Lawrence King’s Murder Was The Real Victim

We can now add Bryan Fischer to the list of anti-gay activists who have blamed 15 year-old openly gay eight grader Lawrence King for his own murder, this time on the grounds that his killer was a victim of King’s relentless sexual harassment:

The backstory, which out-of-the-mainstream outlets have been reluctant to tell, is that King was a flamboyant homosexual, who not only flaunted his homosexuality but mercilessly harassed McInerney. He told everyone that McInerney was his boyfriend, flirted with him shamelessly and constantly, and even followed him into the restroom repeatedly to press his advances.

King came to school dressed in women’s accessories, including boots with four-inch heels, wore makeup, and made McInerney the object of his romantic attention.

McInerney complained to school officials about this obviously inexcusable sexual harassment, but school officials did precisely nothing, just telling McInerney to suck it up and take it. Even when teachers reported the growing tension between King and McInerney, still school bureaucrats did nothing. Other teachers admitted during trial testimony that they decided to say nothing because they didn’t want to jeopardize their shot at tenure.

Can you imagine the school would have been as sanguine had a straight student been harassing a homosexual student like that? That student wouldn’t have been around long enough to repeat the behavior.

Even King’s mother appealed to the school to tone down her son’s behavior. “I knew, gut instinct, that something serious was going to happen,” she said. “They should have contained him, contained his behavior.” If school bureaucrats had done as his mother asked, and restrained the public flaunting of his homosexual behavior, he’d be alive today.

But King’s mother was told that they weren’t going to do anything since King had a “civil right” to explore his sexual identity.

Even when McInerney complained that the harassment was driving him to the breaking point, still school officials did nothing to protect him from this egregious behavior.

Finally he snapped and put two bullets in the back of King’s brain during a computer lab, killing him instantly.

Because of King’s politically favored sexual preference, nothing was done to protect the victims of his harassment. And consequently, because school authorities did not do their job of protecting students from bullies, King is dead at the hands of a victim of his relentless harassment.

UPDATE: Fischer discussed his column on his radio program today, where he made the case that the solution to anti-gay hate crimes would be to begin “placing reasonable curbs on the public expression of homosexual behavior”: