Fischer: “I Would Never Participate in Interfaith Dialogue With a Muslim”

Like Jerry Boykin before him, the AFA’s Bryan Fischer wants it known that he will never engage in any sort of interfaith dialogue with a Muslim and vehemently opposes allowing Muslims to worship in Christian churches, because all it does is allow demon spirits to compromise the building:

I would never participate in interfaith dialogue with a Muslim. You have all these Christians out there, these pastors, wonderful interfaith dialogue. You have pastors allowing Muslims to come in and hold their worship services in their church buildings, which in my mind is just compromising those places spiritually. So there is no way that Christians ought to open their sanctuaries to those that are serving Allah. Allah is a demon God. He’s not the true god. You’re inviting all of the spirits that are associated with Islam, that further Islam, that promote Islam, you are inviting them into your building and compromising your building spiritually in doing that.

Of course, on the flip side, Fischer has no problem entering a mosque and praying that God will tear it down.