Fischer: Demonic “Dark Energy” Motivates The Left

Today on Focal Point, after discussing the Supreme Court’s announcement today that it won’t hear an appeal regarding the placement of crosses on Utah state highways, Bryan Fischer said that he has concluded that progressives are driven by a demonic “dark energy.” The American Family Association spokesman, who earlier argued that gays and Islamists are powered by the “spirit of anti-Christ” and the “same dark energy” and that “liberals hate God,” said that this “dark” spirit is behind the entire progressive movement.

Fischer said that progressives “hate religious liberty” and “hate freedom” and solely seek to “destroy” everything God has condoned. Fischer said that the “energy that is animating the progressive mindset” does not come from God but that there is an opposing “dark energy behind that is out to destroy everything that God is for.” He went on to compare progressives to “a juvenile delinquent who gets a malicious kind of pleasure out of just destroying stuff,” concluding, “There is something mindless and irrational and dark about the energy that motivates the liberal movement in America, it’s not a good thing, and right now they’ve got tremendous momentum in our country and they are shredding our moral fabric.”