Fischer Column Pulled Because “America Is Not Mature Enough” To Handle The Truth

Today, Bryan Fischer posted a new column explaining why his previous column declaring that Native American’s were “morally disqualified” to control North America and asserting they remain mired in poverty and alcoholism because of their refusal to convert to Christianity had been pulled from the AFA ‘s website.

It turns out, he was simply trying to point out that the “displacement of indigenous nations was consistent with the laws of nature, nature’s God, and the law of nations and history” and that, therefore, the founding of this nation was not rooted in evil. But because “America is not mature enough” to handle that discussion, Fischer was forced to remove his post:

A lot is at stake here. If Americans believe that the entire history of our nation rests on a horribly evil foundation, then there is nothing to be proud of in American history, and our president is correct to identify America as the source of all evil in the world and to make a career out of apologizing for her very existence.

If, however, there is a moral and ethical basis for our displacement of native American tribes, and if our westward expansion and settlement are in fact consistent with the laws of nature, nature’s God, and the law of nations, then Americans have much to be proud of.

This latter view certainly would not compel us to believe that Americans were never guilty of evil themselves. But saying that America was wrong here, or there, is certainly a different thing than saying that the entire American experiment is rooted in evil.

It’s one thing to have folks throw trash in the stream on occasion, because the trash can be fished out and the water’s purity can be restored. It’s quite another thing for the stream to be polluted at its headwaters. If the stream is toxic from its very source, then everyone who drinks from it drinks poison into his soul, and we certainly should not be bottling this water and shipping it overseas to peoples looking to slake their thirst for a model of liberty, freedom, prosperity and security.

So this is a conversation that needs to take place. But based on the reaction to my column of Tuesday, America is not mature enough right now for that robust dialogue to occur. Until it is…