Fischer: Anti-Discrimination Rule Will Turn Housing Projects into “Hunting Grounds With Easy Prey for Homosexual Pedophiles”

The Department of House and Urban Development is proposing a new rule that would prevent landlords from discriminating against applicants based on sexual orientation or gender identification.

That, of course, has outraged Bryan Fischer how claims it will turn housing projects into “hunting grounds with easy prey for homosexual pedophiles”:

[M]any young boys living in HUD housing are already in troubled domestic situations, many with no father presence in the home. The last thing they need is suddenly to be living next door to two males modeling a sexually abnormal lifestyle. Role models matter immensely to young boys, and they don’t need any more adults around them setting bad examples. They’ve already been exposed to enough of that.

And we know – despite the howls of protest to the contrary – that male homosexuals molest young boys at a hugely exaggerated rate. The Roman Catholic Church, for instance, did a study of its own priests who molested children, and found that 81% of the victims were boys.

The last thing in the world young males in troubled home settings need is to be put in a situation where there is a heightened chance they will be sexually molested by their next door neighbors. These HUD housing projects will become hunting grounds with easy prey for homosexual pedophiles. These young boys have enough obstacles to overcome as it is without becoming sexually confused and diseased on top of everything else.