‘Fat, Happy and Lazy’: Donald Trump Jr Declares ‘We’re Getting Everything That We Want’

Donald Trump Jr. (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

Donald Trump Jr., son of the president, is worried that conservatives may not show up to the polls for November’s midterms on account of the fact that they are “fat, happy and lazy because we’re getting everything that we want.”

Trump Jr. joined “Breitbart News Saturday” on SiriusXM Patriot on September 15 to share his opinions on various topical news events. Part of his time on the show was spent hyping up what he believed to be the great accomplishments of the Trump administration, which he then used to hype up the midterm elections in November.  He expressed his concern that Republicans are too content with the Trump administration and that the party may see lower turnout because of that complacency.

“We’ve just got to stay motivated. You know, that’s the real problem. Our guys, they’re getting everything that they’re wanting. I mean, my father’s going through his list of promises and checking them off one after the other after the other,” Trump Jr. said.

He added, “They’re sitting back and saying, ‘Hey this is great.’ They don’t realize that Trump’s on the ticket in 2018, right? They say, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to vote for Trump again in two-and-a-half years,’ right? ‘I can’t wait to vote for Trump in 2020.’ Guess what? They’ve got to vote now. All of those policies, all of that winning, that’s all on the ticket.”

Trump Jr. said it was important for Republicans to hear his argument and get out the vote in this year’s midterms because “the left is already mobilized.”

“There’s no question that we can win this, but we’re just fat, happy and lazy because we’re getting everything that we want,” Trump Jr. said.